Our founder and principal, C. Mark Mitchell has for some time, had a desire and a vision to utilize his more than 35 years of extensive management experience in sales and marketing, sales training, sales staff recruiting, logistics and inventory  management, general administration and budget control. His intention is to pass on to others his knowledge and expertise and, that of his associates, as consultants and advisors  to small and medium sized companies, to make them better at what they do. We are particularly suited for working with industrial type product manufacturers, manufacturerís representative agencies, industrial and construction supply and distribution companies, with a sales staff, both inside and outside.

     Our primary objective is to focus on the areas above with emphasis on improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of business practices, at all levels of management.  By reducing costs and streamlining operations in general and, improving the quality and effectiveness of the sales staff through professional sales skills training, we can achieve our goals. The end result; an improved profit margin potential for the client company, together with a smoother and less complicated business environment for all concerned.

     Along with the above desires, Mr. Mitchell has always had the opinion that, all too often, consultant groups do not go far enough with their process. They come into a client company, review and observe the operations and business practices, render a report, perform an exit interview with senior management and leave. Mitchell and Associates will take this process further, as we will provide review and follow up functions during the most important implementation phases that follow the exit review of findings. This is critically important to the success of the overall process. The follow up is done at either three months or six months after the exit review, or both. We can also serve as an advisory board member, on call, to render advice and be available as a consultant on various matters in the future. Another one of the critical areas Mr. Mitchell believes to be most important in business consulting and sales training, is unnecessary excessive cost to the client company. We believe that quality and professional business consulting services and sales skills training can be accomplished with reasonable and affordable fees for our clients. Many of our associates are retired from long standing executive sales and management careers with great amounts of knowledge and experience, but without the need to make consulting and training their primary source of income. All associates have the strong desire to make companies better at what they do, make them more profitable, and their sales staff more professional and more productive. In general, we enjoy helping companies and people become more successful.

     We are in the process of building a core group of associates, with similar desires, talents and experience to that of Mr. Mitchell, so that we can expand our potential and our capability into all parts of the United States. We invite people with similar desires, talents and experience to contact us for further discussion.  For now, we are concentrating on the central, south-central, north-central and southeastern United States. We are particularly interested in adding people, with strong IT/IS management experience and financial management experience, in all parts of the country, so we may expand our scope of expertise and consulting capability.

Please go to our “Contact Us” page and take a minute to complete our brief questionnaire. With this information, we can contact you and discuss further how we may be able to assist you.