Early Years and Education

     Growing up in the Kansas City Missouri area and attending college in Missouri, Mr. Mitchell graduated with a BA degree, finishing in the top 25% of his academic class. Also upon graduation, he received a Regular Army Commission, as a Second Lieutenant, being in the top 5% of his military academic class. At the same time, he was nominated to appear in the publication,” Who’s Who’s Among Students in American Colleges and Universities”.  After graduation, as his obligation to the Army required, Mitchell went immediately on active duty and began, what was supposed to be, a three year active duty stint, followed by a return to law school at the University of Missouri. But that was not to be.

The Military Years

     In the years that followed, Mark served on active duty in the U.S. Army in the U.S., Europe and Viet Nam. Serving in both peace time and combat assignments, his responsibilities included platoon leader, company executive officer, company commander, battalion commander, battalion, group and division staff officer positions in operations, planning and logistics. While in Vietnam he served in a special staff position with 101st Airborne Division, deploying with the advanced party on the move of the division from Ft Campbell to Viet Nam. Later in Viet Nam, he held special operations assignments, working with South Vietnamese Infantry troops. Upon returning to the States, after attending a 9 month course in logistics, staff, command and management, he was assigned as, “officer in charge” of developing training plans and curriculums, for officers and senior enlisted personnel, at the US Army Missile and Munitions Center and School. While serving on the staff at USAMMCS as an additional duty, Mitchell served as briefing officer for all visiting VIP’s and dignitaries from around the world.  After almost eight years active duty and with the rank of Major, Mr. Mitchell left the Army, and began his civilian career.

Civilian Career, Sales and Management

     Law school was not in the cards in the 70’s, as there were an abundance of lawyers in the country and many not making a very good living. So, it was at this point that Mark decided the only place he could make the kind of living he needed, was in sales. After working in sales for a short period of time, 3-4 years, for two industrial equipment distributors, it was then that an opportunity came about with Bosch Power Tools, as Field Representative for a territory including the state of Alabama, metro Chattanooga TN, the Florida panhandle, and a small portion of Georgia. The territory had been doing reasonably well before, but there was much to be done. In a few years, the territory was leading the region in growth, market share, new accounts and over quota numbers. 

     After about 5-6 years as a territory representative, Mark began his long and varied management career with the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, which spanned a period of 25 years. During this time his management responsibilities included; sales, sales training, distributor sales and product training, marketing, advertising, budget administration, product development, product safety and related logistics issues regarding inventory management and import procedures. Positions and titles held; District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Regional Director, Managing Director, Sales/ Marketing, and Field Operations N.A. and divisional General Manager N.A.  While holding the positions above, Mr. Mitchell completed a number of graduate level courses in executive management, sales management, recruiting and interviewing techniques (specifically for sales managers), and has functioned as the principal instructor for selling skills and presentation techniques courses.

Civic and Outside Organizations

     Mr. Mitchell has served in an advisory capacity as a board member for various companies, served as a member or on the board of directors of various civic groups and organizations, home owners associations, yacht clubs, and church groups. He has been active in reserve (volunteer) law enforcement.

Mr. Mitchell is a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group’s Councils, a worldwide network of academics, scientists, industry practitioners and other professionals who help clients learn more about issues important to their business. He has been designated as GLG Educator a, a status which allows deeper access to Gerson Lehrman Group’s consulting opportunities. He regularly reviews project lists to determine if his expertise fits any current requirements.


     Mark is the proud parent of two grown sons, both with college degrees and both with families. Hobbies and outside activities include; boating, fishing, target and trap/skeet shooting, music appreciation, plays\musical performances and dining in unique restaurants.


     Mr. Mitchell believes that selling is a true profession, just like medicine, dentistry, law or accounting. However, in addition to possessing excellent selling skills, in order to be recognized as a sales professional, one must also act, look, speak and dress accordingly. Thus, presenting the appropriate image at all times. One must EARN the right to be a true sales professional. Marks’ passion is to pass along to others his diverse selling skills and selling experiences, helping them along their journey to becoming recognized by both their customers and peers, as a sales professional. He does this through the selling skills courses offered by C. Mark Mitchell & Associates. He has a favorite saying which sums up his philosophy, as to the importance of the sales profession:

     Further, he believes that any business can be better and can be more effective by making simple changes
and streamlining procedures and practices. Through this process, a business will become more profitable
and in most cases, less complicated for all concerned. This philosophy is the basis for the consultation
programs specifically designed for the objective review and analysis of business procedures and practices,
as offered by C. Mark Mitchell & Associates. Mark has another favorite saying which relates to this philosophy: